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ARH Assessment Protocols

ARH Information – 2021


You must be a paid-up member of FGASA. You must have already qualified as either a FGASA Field Guide (NQF2), Advanced Field Guide (NQF4), FGASA Professional Field Guide or one of the FGASA Tracker qualifications. (see the FGASA Field Guide (NQF2) brochure for more information)

Compulsory components:
The following Professional Firearm Trainers (PFTC) Unit Standards
Unit standard 117705 – Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act
Unit standard 119651 – Handle and Use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine
Unit standard 123519 – Handle and Use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine
for Business Purposes
These require you to do open book exams. This can take up to 2 hours per module.
NB: Certificates and Statement of Results are issued once the papers are marked.
We require a certified copy of your RSA-ID or Passport document for the above!

These Unit Standard certificates do not expire!
Before an ARH assessment you need to have all three Proficiency certificates as above.
We offer this training, if required, as we are a SAPS Accredited Training Provider (Reg. no. 4000836) and are members of the South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council (PFTC)

Please Note:
You can also do some arm strengthening exercises as this will be invaluable especially for your weak arm! (Contact us for details) or off our web site CLICK HERE.
We work strictly to the FGASA Rifle Handling protocol and conduct all assessments accordingly.
We cannot guarantee you passing ARH, but because we work one-on-one, we have a far better success rate than with large groups.

We offer all inclusive prices for ARH assessment including range fees, rifle hire, ammunition, coaching and assessment. Prices vary depending on the calibre that is used. Most students use the 375H&H calibre but we can also offer assessment using 458WIN.

Sessions start at 09h30 and end around 12h30. Coaching and assessment give you coaching plus any ARH exercise you complete during that session. You are given credit for completed exercises. Included in these charges are Range Fees, water, plus all the time you need in composing yourself prior to each exercise! Where we supply the ammo, there is no limit to the number of rounds used.

PS. Copies of your Proficiency Certificates (all three as above!) MUST be included with your Assessment sheet. * PLEASE BRING COPIES TO THE RANGE *
NB: We also require details of any pre-existing medical condition/s and/or medication currently being taken. Failure to disclose this, could result in your qualification being voided.

We accept Credit Cards but please advise us if this facility is required at the Range!
Full payment must be made in cash/card on the day or via EFT within
5 days.
A 10% non-refundable deposit is to be made prior to your specific exercise – i.e. ARH / Proficiency, etc. Proof of payment via EFT to be provided. The FGASA assessments will only be handed to FGASA once full payment is received.
Our Banking details are on your Invoice.

We have access to a number of shooting ranges, and these may change at short notice due to either weather or Covid issues. Please note that you will be advised of the shooting range we will use, and directions can be found on our web site CLICK HERE

How long:
It depends on how you feel physically on how long a session lasts. We find that 3 hours is the longest that most students can cope with! We start at 09h30 and then finish by 12h30 or so.

What to wear:
We suggest that you wear a cotton or linen shirt rather than a T-shirt. You can wear shorts if you wish, but please make sure you either have a sturdy belt or can fit one to your pants. We do have belts available. Wear closed shoes! Please wear your mask.

What you get:
Personalised coaching in a calm environment without other students. We do this training one-on-one! We issue our own certificate on successful completion of the course. This certificate does NOT replace the official FGASA certificate which will be posted to you after FGASA processes the assessment.

What to bring:
The following information is required:
FGASA number and proof of current year membership
Copy of all three Proficiency certificates
FGASA Dangerous Game (Trails) Logbook. This is only for students who already have their Trails qualification.

(Send us a message on prices for 2021)

Our Trainers

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Bob Nixon
I have been involved in the firearm and hunting industries for many years. I have competed in National and International events in both pistol and rifle shooting and am a Dedicated Hunter and Private Collector. I hold valid firearm competency certificates for handgun, rifle, shotgun and self-loading rifle. I have a background of shooting in all disciplines, but more recently, have been specifically involved with bolt action (manual) rifle training. This has assisted many potential Field Guides who come to do their FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling (ARH) certification either for the first time, or as a renewal. Over the years I have been able to assist over 1,000 students in achieving their FGASA ARH.
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Peter Wells
I have been involved with the firearms industry for a long time. I do target shooting and hunting. I hold qualifications as a Dedicated Hunter, a Dedicated Sports Shooter, Firearm Collector and Range Officer qualification with the International Firearm Training Academy (IFTA). As well as holding a valid FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling (ARH) qualification, I am also an ARH assessor. My broad experience with all types of firearms helps to get the best out of students, whether they are simply doing firearms proficiency training or doing ARH assessments.
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