New Training Program

Since being forced to stop assessing the FGASA ARH as from the end of 2021 we have developed a new training program that is aligned to international firearm training standards.

This program, named ARQ or Advanced Rifle Qualification, has been developed by Professional Firearm Instructors to ensure that candidates develop the best possible reflexive competencies to ensure they can handle a potentially life-threatening encounter with a dangerous animal without endangering the lives of their guests.

This program has already been tested and used by guides at several Lodges and has been been well received and we have received positive feedback. On successful completion, we issue our own certificate and grade as basic, intermediate, or advanced depending on what was achieved.

As far as CATHSSETA is concerned, there is no further requirement for any shooting besides the required Proficiency certification, which we continue to offer. Our Advanced Rifle Qualification (ARQ) program is specifically designed to ensure accurate shots at targets and although time is involved, no bonus points are awarded for completing exercises quickly. We focus specifically on accuracy. The program has been presented to both SASSETA and CATHSSETA and we are awaiting their approval for this program.

Those who are already qualified trail guides, or not involved with FGASA, are welcome to contact us to try out this program.
If you are interested in doing the ARQ program or learning more about it, please contact Jenny at the office on or 063 236 9347 for further details.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our expertise with you through the ARQ program.

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Firearm Management Services (FIMASE) was started in 2011 and is registered with the SAPS as an accredited training provider. We have also been granted training and assessor status with the Professional Firearm Trainers Council (PFTC) and can provide certification for all Unit Standards up to and including Business Purposes for all firearm types.

We offer training in preparation for the FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling (ARH) assessment. Training is done on a one-on-one basis. We provide rifles and training ammunition for the training. We offer our own qualification course that is based strictly on firearm related principles. Those who wish to do the FGASA ARH should contact the FGASA office directly.

We also can give advice and guidance on compliance issues relating to the Firearms Control Act and Regulations, as well as firearm related issues.
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