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Firearm Management Services (FIMASE) was started in 2011 and is registered with the SAPS as an accredited training provider. We have also been granted training and assessor status with Professional Firearm Trainers Council (PFTC) and can provide certification for all Unit Standards up to and including Business Purposes for all firearm types.

We provide coaching and assessments for the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa
(FGASA) Advanced Rifle Handling (ARH) certification and can provide this on a one-on-one basis to give students a far better chance of passing. We are able to provide rifles and training ammunition for this qualification.

We also provide advice on Compliance issues relating to the Firearms Control Act and Regulations, as well as firearm related advice, suggestions and guidance.

Announcement to all potential ARH students

FGASA has recently published their new Protocol for ARH assessments. In this new document, several significant changes have been implemented. Some of these changes affect the actual ARH assessment exercises and these are summarised below.

  1. All ARH exercises will now be done with a 5kg (minimum) backpack

  2. Distance exercise will start with a full magazine. This was previously four rounds with a 5-round rifle.

  3. The Shot placement exercise should be done with another shooter shooting near the student. (NOTE: This cannot be done if there is only a student and Range Officer as the Range Officer may not do the shooting at the same time as a student.) We are also awaiting a response from FGASA in this regard.

  4. The Simulated Charge now requires three shots, one live and two dummy rounds before reloading and doing the corneal reflex test.

The most significant, and one that unfortunately affects the cost of an ARH assessment, is that the minimum bullet weight for 375 has been set to 285gn bullets.

FIMASE has always been sympathetic to the costs that students incur in completing their required training and therefor have used the cheapest possible options for our reloaded ammunition. Up until now we have used a 200gn bullet, which was pushed to reflect the same “felt recoil” as a 300gn 375 bullet.

We have tried on several occasions to argue against this change, but to date have not received any reason FGASA has implemented this minimum weight.

The reason for this announcement is that with immediate effect, our price per round will jump by R3.00 each. We apologise for this increase but have no control over this price change which is simply due to the minimum bullet weight implemented by FGASA.

We had also requested that our current stocks be allowed to run down and that a reasonable change over date be set, but once again we have had no response from FGASA.

FIMASE will endeavour to continue to explore ways to reduce costs wherever possible to ensure that an ARH can continue to be affordable to you.

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