Here are some interesting and technical articles. Click on the red link to access.

This article covers the responsibilities of the Responsible Person as defined in the Firearms Control Act.
Responsibilities for rifles and ammunition

This article relates to use of both rifles owned by a Lodge (Juristic person) and privately owned rifles used by guides at the Lodge.
Business purpose rifles

Suggestions on modifications and changes to make a rifle more suitable for guiding.
Guiding rifles and suggestions

This article covers a variety of issues to ensure that in the event of a charge, that a single accurately placed shot can resolve the situation.
Hitting the grapefruit

This is the Legal requirement which a number of places (including KNP) insist is required for guides. THIS IS NOT TRUE – read on!
Regulation 21 notes

This covers some interesting aspects around reloading the 375 H&H cartridge.
Reloading the 375

The relates specifically to case head separations.
Case head separation

Hangfire – read this to understand this issue.
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