Bob Nixon
I have been involved in the firearm and hunting industries for many years. I have competed in National and International events in both pistol and rifle shooting and am a Dedicated Hunter and Private Collector. I hold valid firearm competency certificates for handgun, rifle, shotgun and self-loading rifle. I have a background of shooting in all disciplines, but more recently, have been specifically involved with bolt action (manual) rifle training. This has assisted many potential Field Guides who come to do their FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling (ARH) certification either for the first time, or as a renewal. Over the years I have been able to assist over 1,000 students in achieving their FGASA ARH.
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Peter Wells
I have been involved with the firearms industry for a long time. I do target shooting and hunting. I hold qualifications as a Dedicated Hunter, a Dedicated Sports Shooter, Firearm Collector and Range Officer qualification with the International Firearm Training Academy (IFTA). As well as holding a valid FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling (ARH) qualification, I am also an ARH assessor. My broad experience with all types of firearms helps to get the best out of students, whether they are simply doing firearms proficiency training or doing ARH assessments.
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