We are very pleased to announce that Firearm Management Services Pty Ltd (FIMASE) has acquired the GAUTENG distribution rights for the full range of the well-known premium grade monometallic Dzombo-MS bullets.


We have limited stocks of these bullets, and orders can be placed directly on FIMASE through our web-site or via e-mail to

In addition, we have developed premium medium and large bore cartridges, loaded with the well-known Dzombo-MS bullet, specifically for the guiding and PH sectors.

Calibres already in production  are 375H&H, 458WIN, 458LOTT and 458EXPRESS. These rounds consist of individually selected and inspected components and are loaded and  packaged in 10-round boxes by a respected and licenced local manufacturer.

All cartridges are available through the existing firearm dealer network. If your dealer doesn’t stock these bullets or cartridges please encourage them to do so by contacting us so that we can provide them with the Manufacturers details.

Dealer enquiries are welcome.


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