I have been involved in the firearm and hunting industries for many years. I have competed in National and International events in both pistol and rifle shooting and am a Dedicated Hunter and Private Collector in accordance with the Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000). I hold valid firearm competency certificates for handgun, rifle, shotgun, carbine and Dealer. I am currently a Life Member of one of the recognised Collecting Associations in South Africa.

I have been involved with the drafting of the Firearms Control Act from the time that it was first proposed, and as part of the Collecting fraternity, was instrumental (among others) in formulating the text as it pertained to Collectors specifically. I have been intensely interested in nature and have been to a number of Game Reserves and Private Reserves over the past years. During these visits I noticed a need for some type of training and education with regard to rifle handling, storage and safekeeping. With the background that I have, I believe that I can offer benefit to Reserves and assist them to understand both the requirements of the Firearms Control Act as well as assisting in putting in place procedures to ensure that firearm and ammunition control, safekeeping, storage, maintenance and re-licensing is practiced in accordance with the Firearms Control Act and good governance.

I am also keenly aware that rifle practice is sadly lacking at many Reserves and to assist with this can help with reloading advice to reduce costs.


I have been involved with firearms since the age of 12 when I started collecting militaria, including firearms, have been involved in various target shooting disciplines for over 40 years and have been awarded both provincial and Defence Force colours for combat rifle shooting. I have recently retired after 38 years of service in the Defence Force Reserves during which time I took every opportunity to fire and familiarise myself with a huge variety of small arms and to train others in their effective use.

These experiences are invaluable in helping me to maximise the potential of students who come to us wanting to enhance their shooting skills.

Bob and I have worked and played together for many years – in the IT industry, hunting, wing-shooting and firearms collecting – and we both have a deep love of the outdoors and the great diversity of southern African flaura and fauna. Our collaboration at FIMASE pools our more than 90 years (and ongoing) of combined training and experience to provide a wide range of services to guides, lodge managers, owners and others for whom the handling and use of firearms is a daily event. During all our activities we stress personal safety while ensuring that training is both enjoyable and effective.


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